My Experience with Mentorship and the “Woo Woo”

My artistic process is primarily intuitive and as such, I have struggled to discuss my work with others.  Examining my work and learning how to discuss it with potential collectors was the primary reason I began looking for classes, workshops, or anything that would help me figure this out.  I worked with a local company that connects artists with Master Artists and that’s where I found the talented abstract artist Lauren Mantecon.    

At the beginning of 2022, I joined an artist mentoring group with Lauren Mantecon.  Lauren and I are very different people and it’s one of the reasons I have learned so much from her mentorship.  Although my ADHD mind can be all over the place and I find unpredictable connections, I am also drawn to a linear logical list-making type of existence.  I prefer having concrete answers that include visible evidence (which logically, I know isn’t always possible).  Lauren is open to, sees, and experiences so much outside of this type of existence.  She asks questions I don’t know how to answer but understand that I need to examine them further.  She is spiritual, deeply grounded, and knowledgeable.  This wasn’t an art technique group; it was a space where we could experiment and dive deeper into answering the questions of why we make art, where it comes from within us, and what it means to us personally.  

I attended an in-person workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Lauren and our group of artists.  I knew heading in that I might feel vulnerable and outside my comfort zone, and boy was I right!  I am one of those people who does not feel comfortable being vulnerable with others.  Give me anger or frustration any day, but raw vulnerability, uh thanks, but no…..  However, I did recognize that this experience would push me to answer difficult questions and learn more about myself and my art.

The piece I created during the workshop was a blend of an older style used in the CATHARSIS collection (pictured to the left) and how I currently work.  I entered the workshop with the intention of being open and receptive.  It was a moving and powerful experience to paint in one large room with a group and to stay open to the energy.   I am happy with the end result (pictured below), in regard to both the work I created and what I learned about myself and my art.  The piece I made is currently unnamed, but it’s hung in my home, and I intend to spend time with it and continue examining and writing about the experience and what I learned from it.



I know this sounds very “woo woo”, and I agree.  I have always shied away from the “New Age thing”, however, I am realizing that by doing that I have shut myself off from potentially very profound experiences.  I have denied myself participating in true connection with others, and to an extent, with myself.  With that being said, I am going to continue to undertake more “woo woo” things and attempt to remain open to what surfaces from them.

Thank you for being here!  As always I encourage and love comments & questions.  Feel free to reach out to me via email ( or through any social media channel.

Gratefully yours,
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