The Body Project page banner featuring original abstract art by local Calgary Artist Mary-Jo Lough
a photo collage from the opening night event for the body project

What a smashing success!

Thank you to eveyone who was able to come out to the opening and subsequent exhibition hours of THE BODY PROJECT! There were lots of amazing connections made and thought provoking conversations had.

Myself and local photographer Kelly Szott collaborated with volunteer models to create this body of work. The exhibit included Kelly's photographs and my abstract paintings of the models. With a focus on appreciation rather than perfection this exhibit celebrated the variety found in the human form and the concept that we are all connected.

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Black and white figure painting by local Calgary artist Mary-Jo Lough.  The models back is to the viewer with both of her hands above her head.

the origin of the body project

This collection, a labor of love and self-discovery, had its inception in the form of a commission back in 2020. "Resilient," the piece pictured to the right, became the catalyst that ignited a profound introspection within me. It beckoned me to embark on a journey—a journey to unearth and redefine my own relationship with my body, a relationship that had long been marred by struggles, shame and societal expectations.

What makes this collection even more special is the collaboration between my artistic vision and the lens of photographer Kelly Szott. Together, we envisioned a project that would capture the essence of body positivity and neutrality through her photography and my abstract art. The collection bloomed into reality with the participation of 12 remarkable volunteer models, each bringing their unique stories and forms to the canvas. Through this collaboration, we sought to capture the diverse tapestry of bodies—each a testament to resilience, beauty, and authenticity.

The resulting collection is not just a visual display; it's a symphony of emotions, experiences, and personal growth. With every piece, I've aimed to unravel the layers of body positivity and neutrality, infusing them with the bold colors and layers of empowerment and acceptance. This journey of creation has contributed greatly to the continuing transformation of my relationship with myself, and my concept of self-love.

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'The Body Project,' intertwines personal narratives of body positivity and neutrality. Join me for a journey through abstract expressions inspired by volunteer models, we'll unravel the distinction between embracing our bodies with love and adopting a more neutral perspective. Through vibrant brushstrokes, texture and layers, we'll explore the powerful evolution from constant self-critique to a balanced appreciation of every form.