Redeemed - 24" x 24"


“I don’t really have a problem being naked in front of anyone if it is wanted. Once stripped and the artists saw me, I no longer cared that I was naked.During the shoot, I felt no self-consciousness and just enjoyed the moment, and so I did. It has only been after seeing the pictures of myself that I have felt self-conscious. I understand that the collection is supposed to be about natural, flawed bodies but is hard to see any positive in the pictures. Nothing really surprised me about how I felt on the shoot or after. I like being naked, I like being the center of attention, and I know that I have body dysmorphia and am very self-conscious about my body.” 

-conflicted model

THE BODY PROJECT: collection description 

In "THE BODY PROJECT," Mary-Jo Lough examines the complex interplay of self-perception, societal expectations, and the evolving notions of beauty and identity. Through her artistic lens, she navigates the intricate terrain of body positivity and body neutrality, shedding light on the transformative journey toward self-acceptance and the redefinition of societal norms. This artistic journey is deeply personal, stemming from Mary-Jo's own struggles with body perception. Collaborating with the skilled photographer Kelly Szott and involving 12 courageous volunteer models, Mary-Jo translates her and her model's contemplations surrounding these profound concepts into a captivating collection.  Vulnerability, strength, and appreciation are intricately interwoven throughout THE BODY PROJECT. Each piece bears imprints of both the artist's journey and that of the models, serving as a roadmap for viewers to connect with and contemplate their own narratives, struggles, and triumphs.  

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Product Information:    

  • 1.5” profile, wired and ready to hang 
  • Signed, dated and titled  
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  • Finished with a museum-level varnish that protects the surface from environmental factors and protects the pigments from ultraviolet light  


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