Through Someone Else's Eyes - 24" x 24"


“I never took the time to look at my body when I was young.  It was a thing to be covered, ignored, disassociated from. In many ways my body represented pain, memories of trauma, disgust, and fear. As I got older, I worked more on my mental health. I believed I had begun to accept and appreciate this thing that houses my spirit.  I know what my eyes and mind tell me is there, but to see myself through someone elses eyes. Ones who dont know my history, my vulnerabilities, my fears. What would be the focus? The feeling conveyed by anothers interpretation of myself.

-inquisitive model

THE BODY PROJECT is a collaborative project between artist Mary-Jo Lough, and photographer Kelly Szott.  It is a celebration of both body positivity & neutrality.  The  volunteer models were given the opportunity to journal about their posing experience.  Most pieces in the collection have portions of their writing in the piece.  Additionally, the reflections were used to title each piece.

Product Information:   

  • 1.5” profile, wired and ready to hang
  • Signed, dated and titled 
  • Authentication certificate attached to back      
  • All products used are professional-level quality    
  • Finished with a museum-level varnish that protects the surface from environmental factors and protects the pigments from ultraviolet light 


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