Architect of My Own Worlds - 48" x 30" acrylic + multi-media on canvas


The foundation of this piece is the consideration of true self and the different masks one wears.  Focusing on the memories of the masks I developed at a very young age when I was often considered too much, too loud, too hyper, and too excited for most situations.  The masks I created to lessen the annoyance or disappointment I’d see in the faces around me.  Through creating these masks I became the “Architect of My Own Worlds” and chose who got to see what parts of me.  It's a coping mechanism that comes from a place of survival and lead to a sense of control for me.

collection: DI·VER·GENT


Tending to be different or develop in different directions.

The Divergent collection is a visual representation of my experience with ADHD.  Each piece represents unique strengths, abilities, and challenges that neurodivergent individuals manage daily.  While devising this collection I removed my “societal mask” and gave myself permission to create with no limits or boundaries; there is nothing “typical” or “normal” about this collection.  I am inviting the viewer to break away from the rules, structures, and expectations of daily life and experience freedom while they explore each piece in the DIVERGENT collection.