Directionally Challenged - 24" x 48" acrylic + multi-media on canvas


Directionally Challenged represents the multitude of directions the neurodivergent thought process can go through while contending with the world.  Often termed as flighty, or not paying attention, a neurodivergent individual’s brain naturally gives almost equal importance to all stimuli, whereas a typical brain throws the majority of it into the garbage, in turn, neurotypical individuals don't have to decide if it's recycling, compost or garbage.  The intent of this piece was to demonstrate that although these thought patterns may seem random to many, when one is able to view the entire process there is a flow and rhythm that creates a sound logic. 



Tending to be different or develop in different directions.

The Divergent collection is a visual representation of my experience with ADHD.  Each piece represents unique strengths, abilities, and challenges that neurodivergent individuals manage daily.  While devising this collection I removed my “societal mask” and gave myself permission to create with no limits or boundaries; there is nothing “typical” or “normal” about this collection.  I am inviting the viewer to break away from the rules, structures, and expectations of daily life and experience freedom while they explore each piece in the DIVERGENT collection.