I Blinked My Eyes and Summer is Almost Over!

As I sit in my backyard trying to soak up the last bits of summer weather I am realizing how fast it went by this year.  It's been the first summer since 2019 (and if you know my recent history, it's been since 2018 for me) that has been anywhere close to normal.  Everyone seems to have had incredibly busy summers and are now getting ready for the kids to go back to school.

MJL Fine Art (that's me!) had some firsts this summer.  I had my first experience with an online show in the Abstract Square Foot Show.  It wrapped up last weekend and I would categorize it as a big success.  I met a number of amazing artists and art enthusiasts and also sold 4 out of the 5 pieces I had submitted.

In less than a week the second online show I in opens!  The Mastrius - 100 Days of Summer show is also online and features 100 artists all submitting 10" x 10" pieces with theme of summer.  This show opens August 26th at 12pm MT and closes August 31st at 11pm MT.  The pieces I created for the show are inspired by Alice in Wonderland and fantastical worlds, these landscapes are bright, bold, and unconventional.  The patterns inserted in the initial layers create depth in these small but mighty pieces.  Typical of my style, contrast plays a big role!  The variation in hues and values is pushed to the max!  Fun, whimsical, and lighthearted - exactly the summer scene we need after the last few years!  You can check them out here




I am very excited to announce that I am participating in the Calgary Artists Studio Tour!  I'm looking to the future here, but it is taking place Saturday, October 22nd, and Sunday, October 23rd from 11am to 4pm each day.  It's an opportunity for you to meet 12 of Calgary's visual artists, see their most recent work and pick their brains!  You do this at your own pace through a self-tour over two days, or one, it's your choice! 
Check out the other 11 artists participating in this tour by clicking here!  There is also a link to the google map for the Tour, plus all of the artist's contact and social media links.  You can do a little research before you hit the road. 
I am really excited about the rest of 2022 and all of the opportunities there are for me to meet new art enthusiasts!  My events page is all up to date and I have not discussed everything here, so go check it out.  I am now at the point where I am beginning a number of new projects for these events and my studio is full of new canvases and IDEAS!  This is one of the most exciting stages of the art process to me - new beginnings!
To give you a peak into what I will be talking about next:  I recently updated my Artist Statement and in my next blog post I will be diving more deeply into some of the insights I had through revisiting it.  If you want to take a lookt at my Artist Statement  you can click here.
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