The FANTASTICAL collection & the Abstract² Square Foot Show

If you're following me on Instagram, and if you don't why not (lol), you already know that I just put the finishing touches on the 5 pieces I am submitting for the Abstract² Square Foot Show.  I thought I would take a little time and tell you more about the mini collection and the Square Foot Show.

The collection is called FANTASTICAL and the work depicts offbeat & fanciful urban environments.   I usually stick to non-representational abstract art, however, I often receive feedback that my pieces are reminiscent of cities, skylines or architecture, so I thought, why not embrace it!

Personally I can lose time imagining what life would be like if I had been born somewhere else, in a different time or under different circumstances.  Not because I wish my life were different, I just love stretching my imagination, creating new worlds, and spinning out all of the different possibilities.  I think it's fascinating to put myself into someone else's shoes and imagine their view of life, what their aspirations are and how their experiences have shaped them. The reason I bring this up is that I want the viewer to emerge themselves within each piece in this collection and envision what this new world would feel like.  Take some time and ask, who would I be in this world?

I thought I would share some process photos with you as I find the iterative process that most work goes through very interesting.  Some pieces are more of a struggle than others.  Oddly enough I have realized, that for me, the first piece I start within a collection is usually the "struggle piece" and often finished last.  Soaring Into the Urban Rainbow (pictured here), was the first piece I started and the last one I finished.  It was and by far the most difficult for me.  I've only included 3 photos here, but this piece had many ugly stages, lots of revision, and many times I considered just abandoning it.  Now I think it might be one of my favorites!  Let me know what you think in the comment section.

More about the Abstract² - Square Foot Show

The Square Foot Show began as a small, annual art party at Julia Veenstra’s studio in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Each piece just 12' ×12' and all at a single price. Since 2020 it has exploded into an online “black Friday of art”, with collectors and artists spanning the globe and many artists selling out in just minutes.  

Abstract², is featuring Kate Taylor & friends.  Kate Taylor is an abstract artist born in Cambridge, England, and now works out of her studio in Toronto, Ontario.  The square foot show features original one-of-a-kind 12" x 12" abstract pieces from Kate Taylor & 78 other emerging and established artists all at the same price of $300 CAD.

The show goes live at exactly 8 pm EST August 11th, and it is often true that many artists will sell out within the first few minutes of opening. But, don’t let that discourage you because we also provide email list subscribers with a preview of the pieces 48 hours prior to showtime.  To subscribe click here!

The sale lasts until 8 pm on the third day (August 13th) and there are always plenty of original pieces to choose from. 


The sale goes live on a different site than the regular Square Foot Show website.  You will be sent this link if you signup for their mailing list - OR - you can click below.  It will not be active until the show launches at 8pm EST August 11th. 

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Delightful all the way. Read and shared with Harry.
Amazing. Shared with friends here at Village as well.

Bright, happy and energetic are words I use when sharing.
Interesting progression pictures – so good.


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